Susanne Oppong - Artist and Distant Reiki Treatment

Susanne Oppong - Artist and Distant Reiki Treatment
Susanne Oppong - Artist and Distant Reiki Treatment
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Susanne Oppong - Artist and Distant Reiki Treatment

The art therapist Susanne Oppong had been busy empowering other artists and working in cultural management all her adult live before she bought her first glass beads at the Hilo Farmers Market in 2002 with the wish to become a part of this most beautiful market she had ever seen and she succeeded with her unique and one-of-kind jewels and hand painted dresses and light catchers. To match up a very special and unique person (as we all are) with a very unique piece of art or jewelry is her special delight about selling at the market rather than having galleries selling her art work.

Susanne Oppong also serves with astrological and tarot readings with the profound psychological and occult background of her 7 years of art therapy studies at the Anthroposophical University in Bonn/Germany and extended visits to India and Africa.

Distant Reiki Treatment
by Susanne Oppong (art therapist, reiki master practitioner, astrologer, artist, psychic)

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the transference of the universal life energy, which makes the galaxies and planets spin as well as the protons, neutrons and quarks in one atom, from a human channel or medium to the body, who requires more energy for his or her self healing process. It is called prana, chi, ki, vril, ether and many other names in other languages and cultures. Given either hands on or over any distance it cannot harm, but flows exactly where your body needs it.

Requirements for Distant Reiki Treatment

Send me a photo, your birth data (day, hour, minute if known, and place) and a short description of what ails you. When I answer you with the proposal of a treatment plan, make 15 minutes available each day at the same time, to receive your Distant Reiki Treatment. Elimiminate all sensory disturbances (noise, smell, tight clothe, heat, cold, jewels, watch, electric and electronic devices). Put the “do not disturb” sign at your door, if living with others. Light a candle instead of electric light, if necessary, and rest comfortably in a meditative position, either sitting or laying down with closed eyes. Your daily treatments will start, when you have agreed to my treatment plan for you, and I have confirmed your agreement, either trough email or text message. For serious conditions, individual Distant Reiki Treatment for at least 14 days in a row is advisable, after that, group treatment on a daily base may do until your health is restored satisfyingly. So please include that into your regular time schedule. Your healing depends on your own intend, effort and faith. The more you concentrate on and trust on receiving healing life energy, the more you get. I will as well write about, how you can accumulate this energy your self after the treatment is finished.

As this energy is free and unlimited in its flow through the universe, I work on donation base. The amounts of donations you send me (through paypal) for my time and knowledge may depend on your own budged and possibilities, but should reflect your own investment into your well being properly.

Reiki treatment is not a substitute for physical medical treatment, but enhances it. So please do not stop seing your doctor.

For more info contact Susanne Oppong @ (808) 345-2802 or email her at