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Locally grown and handmade in Hawaii, the True Kamani nut is used in creating beautiful leis, chokers and accessories.

The True Kamani is a low-branching tree, up to 60 feet tall. Leaves are shiny, blunt, oblong, 3 to 8 inches long. Flowers are white, grown in clusters of 4 to 5, and are fragrant when fresh. Fruits are green, globule, 1-1/2 inches in diameter and turn yellowish when dried. Fruits contain a light brown nut, about 1-1/2 inches in diameter, thin-shelled, and contain a cork-like layer surrounding a large kernel. Nuts are abundant during June through October.

Kamani oil harvested from the kernel has been used for many purposes such as healing when applied to cuts, abrasions, itchiness, rash, etc. The oil has also been used as a lotion for skin nourishment and better complexion.

True Kamani Leis consist of approximately 20-22 nuts and the Chokers have approximately 10-12 nuts. Both have natural wooden or acrylic beads separating each nut, strung on wire. Leis and chokers are created open-ended however can be closed upon request.

As the leis and chokers are open-ended they can be used for many decorative purposes also.

There are two types of Kamani Nut Leis available; one is the natural color nut with a clear protective coat and the other is stained dark brown.

Key-chains are made using black acrylic beads and one Kamani nut at the opposite end of the keyring.

Kamani Leis -- $25 USD

Kamani Choker/Accessory -- $10 USD

Kamani Key-chains -- $3 USD

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